Driver Training & Driver Education

The Professional Driving Consultancy provides high quality and affordable FUN driver training & driver education. Its unique Dynamic Defensive Driving (‘3D’) CourseWork has helped 3000+ clients in the RMS driving test areas of Lismore, Ballina and Casino since 1993.


  • Sessions of 1, 1½ hours, 2 hours (or even longer with free breaks), are offered at very competitive rates.
  • These sessions maximise the available driver training & driver education time.
  • The longer sessions minimise ‘changeover’ time.
  • They also minimise inconvenience to out-of-town clients.
  • And they avoid a separate ‘travelling fee’.
  • Use of the ‘3D’ WorkSheet (see below) means that time flies by. Even a 2 hour session is over before you know it!


Booking a series of these driver training & driver education sessions offers further savings.

  • 5% discount for 3 or more 2 hour sessions, 4 or more 1.5 hour sessions and 6 or more 1 hour sessions; and
  • 10% discount for 5 or more 2 hour sessions, 7 or more 1.5 hour sessions and 10 or more 1 hour sessions.

And you don’t have to pay the total money up front!

Fun driver training & driver education starts with Lismore driving lessons in a quiet Lismore start-off street.

Do other driving schools in Lismore, Ballina or Casino know just how very important it is – for driver training & driver education reasons – for clients to feel comfy, content and relaxed when they’re learning to drive?

Charles provides free pick-up and drop off.

And he also drives clients – free – to quiet, easy and picturesque start-off locations.


  • Car driver licence applicants start off on very lightly trafficked roads and streets in and around Gundarimba, Monaltrie and Goonellabah;
  • Traffic density is increased gradually;
  • Clients undertake reversing exercises in wide and lightly trafficked streets in East and South Lismore;
  • Clients develop skills of traffic flow driving on wide, moderately trafficked streets in South Lismore and Goonellabah;
  • Bigger roundabouts are encountered on moderately trafficked multi-laned roads (e. g. Ballina Road);
  • And high density and hazardous streets are encountered in Lismore’s CBD.


Fun driver training & driver education starts with Ballina driving lessons in a quiet Ballina start-off street.

  • Car driver licence applicants start off on very lightly trafficked roads and streets in and around Pimlico and/or East Ballina;
  • traffic density is increased gradually on roads to and in Skennars Head and Lennox Head; 
  • wide and lightly trafficked streets – often in Angel’s Beach as well as West Ballina – introduce clients to reversing exercises;
  • moderately trafficked wider streets in East Ballina, Ballina and West Ballina enable clients to develop traffic flow driving skills;
  • clients meet bigger roundabouts on moderately trafficked multi-laned roads (e. g. the old highway west of River Street);
  • and clients meet hazardous high traffic density environments in Ballina’s CBD.


  • Car driver licence applicants start off on very lightly trafficked roads and streets in and around North Casino.
  • Gradual increase in traffic density;
  • Wide and lightly trafficked streets help develop reversing skills;
  • Moderate traffic on the highway heading toward Lismore as well as the Summerland Way toward Grafton help develop skills of traffic flow driving;
  • Clients meet bigger roundabouts in Centre Street and, traffic permitting, the CBD;
  • Casino’s CBD’s hazardous streets also offer plenty of high density traffic.


  • When their driving skills allow, clients meet multi-laned highways (even freeways). As well as scenic but challenging country roads.
  • Clients also encounter densely trafficked, hazardous crowded and pedestrian-ridden supermarket car parks.


PDC’s driver training & driver education uses the unique and copyrighted “Dynamic Defensive Driving” (‘3D’) WorkSheet.

The 3D WorkSheet enables clients to

  • see exactly what they need to do – beforehand – in complex exercises like three-point turns and reverse parallel parking;
  • deepen their skills in (free) private practice.

It also boosts the confidence of supervising drivers!


3D assessments (see ‘Low Risk Driving’) and Older Driver Assessments use the sorts of roads and streets used in the NSW RMS driving test and the Older Driver Assessment.

And PDC offers free Keys2Drive sessions – turbocharging driver training and driver education – to Lismore, Ballina and Casino clients. (Even more savings!)


Like what you’ve seen? Please ‘Like’ PDC on Facebook! And give Charles a ring on 0412 22 3333. He will help you dimensionalise your 3D skills directly!

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