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These testimonials include all reviews posted into Google ‘My Business’. Clients enjoyed their driving lessons in Lismore, Ballina or Casino.


Overall Reviews

1. Paris Ambrose

Reviews of driving schools lismore driving schools ballina/casino; enjoyable fun driver training

Make this school your number one choice!

Professional Driving Consultancy is undoubtedly the BEST driving school available in the north coast region.

Due to certain anxieties and fears I avoided obtaining my licence until well into my twenties. I can safely say that this course changed my life in the most powerful way.

Upon completing this course, I passed my licence test with flying colours and an extremely high score!

I and am now the confident and able driver I always longed to be.

Driving instructor Charles has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to teaching one to drive from start to stop, from the very basics to gently guiding you through an extremely effective and sensible Dynamic Defensive ‘low risk’ driving course.

I would like to recommend Professional Driving Consultancy to all parents, young persons starting out and mature drivers alike who are seeking a highly professional safe and reliable, driving school where you will learn skills to last you a lifetime.


Driving Test Results

2. karl thomas

Reviews of driving schools lismore driving schools ballina/casino; calm enjoyable fun driving tutor

The best driving instructor I have had. I did 5 2 Hr lessons and got my red Ps first go with a 100% pass mark. His work sheet is a well constructed idea and easy to understand and he has a good rebate when you have a few lessons with him.

Highly recommended – 15/10.


3. Marrilyn S.H. Tong

Reviews of driving schools lismore driving schools ballina/casino; relaxed calm fun driving lessons

I passed my test only after a handful of lessons from Charles and with flying colours (got 1 point away from full marks)!

He is such an amazing teacher. Knows how to make me feel more calm while driving. I even actually find that he makes driving fun! Am really glad to know that I have much more confidence while driving now.

It has been such a pleasure to learn driving from Charles. I definitely received much more value than I paid for and was promised.

Highly recommended!


4. Tyler Houston

Tyler Houston

I would like to thank Charles for being a Kind,Thorough,Experienced Driving teacher to me. I am new to Driving. Complet[ing] 8 lessons with Charles[, I] passed my p’s first go. I am now a confident,safe driver thank’s to Charles Friendly,Thorough way of teaching. I would definitely recommend to others.


5. Mischa Lee

reviews of driving schools lismore driving schools ballina/casino: enjoyable fun driving lessons

Highly recommended as Charles is very professional. He made learning fun for me and he was keen to create another good and safe driver in our society. His rate is very reasonable and you know you are in safe hands. Charles is a great instructor that I passed my license test first time.


6. Gabriel Sanchez

Reviews of driving schools lismore driving schools ballina/casino; enjoyable fun driving instructor

A GREAT and UNIQUE driving experience indeed. Very informative instructor who goes into a lot of detail regarding customer’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s not just a driving lesson, it is a lot of fun and improvement is seen QUICKLY. Turns an amateur driver into a confident driver. Comfortable environment.


7. Matthew Lentfer

reviews of driving schools lismore driving schools ballina driving schools casino

Great teacher to learn to drive safely by avoiding risky situations. Passed first time (100%) by following the guides that Charles taught me.

Well worth the value of lessons given and definitely give keys2drive a look into. He is a very thoughtful person to drive with and learn more about the road rules together.


Competitive Rates, Technical Expertise and Detailed, Thorough Guidance

8. Cameron Boyd

 Reviews of driving schools lismore driving schools ballina/casino; experienced driving instructor

With the help of Charles I managed to get my license first go. He is a calm, friendly instructor who has helped improve my driving skills greatly. With his clever tips and tricks, he helps hone all the skills required to be a safe driver, including three-point turns and reverse parallel parks. On top of this, his rates are extremely competitive. Highly recommended – 5 stars.


9. theninz0r

Reviews of driving schools lismore driving schools ballina/casino; enjoyable fun driving lessons

Charles is an excellent driving instructor and teacher!  Completed five 2 hour driving lessons with him. Not only did he teach me how to drive, he goes the extra mile and teaches why we drive and also explains how the gears in the car function.

I found it easy to talk to Charles and understand his teaching methods through his wonderful teaching structure which has improved my driving skills more in 5 weeks then I have in a year.

I would definitely recommend Professional Driving Consultancy for learning and improving your driving skills.


10. Garth Leslight

A excellent, professional driving instructor. Easy to understand, and is good at teaching you how to drive safely and smartly. After having 4 lessons, I was able to near 100% clear my driving test and move onto my P-plates.


11. Digi Bot

Reviews of driving schools lismore driving schools ballina/casino; calm qualified driving teacher

My son recently completed 5 two hour lessons with Professional Driving Consultancy.

I am thoroughly impressed with Charles’ teaching methods and dedication. The detailed instruction and lessons have given my son a much clearer understanding of the how to’s and why’s of driving. His confidence behind the wheel has increased tenfold. So has my confidence in knowing that he will be a much safer driver.

I thoroughly recommend Professional Driving Consultancy.


12. Gary from Rosebank (not in Google Reviews)

After lessons with Charles, I got my Licence. I would have to say that without Charles’s guidance and patience I don’t think that I would have passed.

Charles is a fun teacher and charming, thorough and understanding. He showed me better driving skills and I felt more confident and safe.

I will highly and gladly recommend Charles and Professional Driving Consultancy in the future.


13.A Google User

Reviews of driving schools lismore driving schools ballina/casino; experienced driving teacher

I’m over the moon! As an experienced big-rig driver, I’ve been an ‘old dog learning new tricks’. Charles showed me how to and how often to check over the shoulder and time the steering to get the car close and parallel for reverse parallel parking.

Without his professional help, I would not have passed the driving test at all, far less first time!


14. A Google User

Reviews of driving schools lismore driving schools ballina/casino; experienced driving teacher

Great experience with Professional Driving Consultancy teaching my daughter to drive. Very pleased with the defensive driving skills and self analysis of driving skills that she has been taught.


15. Michael Soward

Reviews of driving schools lismore driving schools ballina/casino; stress-free fun driver training

Patient. Understanding. Detailed. Offered a variety of driving conditions. Consistent. Helpful. Accurate. Open. Warm. And really thorough!

















































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